Invasive Inspections

Total House Inspections can conduct a partial or full invasive inspection on your house.  This may be as a result of obvious signs to the inspector, a high moisture level reading from the non-invasive moisture meter or from the Thermal Imaging findings. 

A partial invasive inspection may require carpet or floor coverings to be lifted, fixtures to be removed and 2 x 3-4mm penetration holes in the internal wall linings or exterior cladding to allow for an invasive moisture meter to be used.  An invasive moisture meter is more sensitive than the non-invasive device as it takes the reading from inside the timber framing where there is no air flow and is normally the last place to dry out.   

A full invasive examination may require the exterior cladding or interior wall / ceiling linings to be temporarily removed to view the full extent of the problem.  Once exposed the area can then be examined properly and accessed.  Once finished the examination, Total House Inspections can temporarily seal the cladding or wall lining until the problem can be addressed by an appropriate professional trade person.