Pre-Purchase Inspections

Buying a house is probably one of the biggest purchases a person makes in their life time whether it’s your first house or tenth rental property, there could be huge ongoing costs if you don’t pick the right house. 

It makes sense to ensure that you’re not buying a lemon or a costly liability and that your investment is structurally sound.

Total House Inspections complete all their Pre-Purchase House Inspections in accordance with NZS 4306:2005 and includes the following where applicable;

  • Site inspection
  • Subfloor inspection
  • Exterior inspection
  • Roof inspection
  • Roof space inspection
  • Interior inspection
  • Services inspection
  • Ancillary Spaces

Standard Pre-Purchase Inspection

For standard Pre-Purchase Inspections, we carry out random basic moisture testing using the Trotec T660 non-invasive moisture device, on the key areas throughout the interior walls where moisture problems are common.  If we identify any irregularities as a result of high moisture readings or other visual indicators, we will then scan that particular area using the Thermal Imaging Camera to assist us in the investigations. 


Standard Pre-Purchase Inspection + Comprehensive Moisture Scan and Thermal Imaging

Covers all the same elements as the standard Pre-Purchase inspection but also includes a full comprehensive moisture scan of all interior walls of the house using the Trotec T660 non-invasive moisture device.  A full scan of the walls and ceilings is then conducted using the Flir Thermal Image Camera to assist in identifying any areas missed by the moisture scan.  Photos and readings from the moisture scan and Thermal Imaging are all documented in the full written report highlighting any findings that are of concern.


This service is highly recommended for older houses, monolithic cladding (plaster systems) or cladding that is directly fitted to the timber framing (no cavity).  It is also recommended for houses where there is no roof overhang and flat roofing systems.