Thermal Image Inspection (Infrared Camera)

Principle Building Surveyor and Director of Total House Inspections, Damian Max is level 1 Certified in Thermography which is an internationally recognised qualification through the Infrared Training Centre (ITC), run by FLIR the largest manufacturer in Infrared Cameras and Technology in the World.

Every object emits different levels of Thermal radiation. An infrared camera displays these different levels of Thermal radiation in an image which can be saved. Because a damp or wet object has a different temperature to a dry object, it emits different levels of Thermal Radiation, therefore alerting the Thermographer to potential moisture problems in that area.

We use this camera in conjunction with the Moisture Meter to complete a specialised Thermal Image Inspection on a property. We can also use the camera for a standard house inspection where we have detected elevated moisture levels in an area and need to investigate further.   

A misconception with this piece of technology is that an Infrared Camera can see through the walls and get a reading from the inside. This is not the case as it can only read the service temperature and thermal radiation on an object.